Renato Borghetti

More than 40 years of music

Renato Borghetti on his first album, recorded in 1984, won the first gold record in the history of Brazilian instrumental music. With a unique style and his harmonica point, he has performed different readings of works of music from Rio Grande do Sul, adding influences from other Brazilian and international styles. Renato mixes folklore and modernity in his compositions, having an unmistakable style.

In addition to the foreign agenda, the musician performs extensive programming in national territory, taking gaucho music to the most diverse corners of our Brazil. He has 26 recorded discs and dozens of recording participations.

He performs shows in different formations: QUARTETO with longtime partners Daniel Sá on guitar, Pedrinho Figueiredo on sax and flute and Vitor Peixoto on piano); TRIO with young musicians Pedro Borghetti on the leguero bass drum and Neuro Júnior on the guitar. and also SOLO, with orchestras and in partnership with other musicians.

Idealized by Borghetti, in 2010 Fábrica de Gaiteiros was created, a project of cultural redemption from Renato Borghetti's Institute of Music and Culture, with focus on musical education through accordion for children between 7 and 15 years old. The project has 18 educational units at the moment (in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Uruguay), having it's headquarters in Barra do Ribeiro, where accordion are created exclusively to attend the project, not beign comercialized.



18 JUN

PORTO ALEGRE (RS) . Renato Borghetti e Hique Gomes com a Orquestra de Câmara da ULBRA


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