Fábrica de Gaiteiros

the project

The accordion is a symbol of our culture, and it was out of love for all of it that FÁBRICA DE GAITEIROS was born, a social and cultural rescue project, idealized by the musician Renato Borghetti. The state has hosted almost 40 accordion factories, but at a certain point in our history, they went bankrupt or closed. This made access to the instrument difficult and risked the continuity of this very Brazilian manifestation.

The Fábrica de Gaiteiros Project allows children and young people from 6 to 15 years old to learn the "eight basses accordion", free of charge, in the 18 units that the project has today (in Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Uruguay ). Classes take place in the opposite period of school, individually and lasting 1 hour and are taught by our team of teachers.

The headquarters of the Fábrica de Gaiteiros project is located in Barra do Ribeiro, a pavilion from 1932 with 856m2 where the factory, auditorium, exhibition, classrooms and library are located. The site is open for visits and offers a varied cultural program. The instruments produced at Fábrica de Gaiteiros are not commercialized and are exclusively for teaching students who can take the instrument home on a rotating basis. "We had to learn how to make this instrument." Matrixes were developed and machinery was purchased for self-sufficient manufacturing, combining tradition and technology. The instruments are produced using certified eucalyptus wood, which comes from renewable plantations.

SITE: Located in Barra do Ribeiro, it's open for visitors.


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